Assoporti: Nel 2019 il primo Italian Port Day

Zeno D’Agostino, presidente Assoporti

Dopo le numerose iniziative delle singole autorità portuali tese a promuovere il legame tra il porto e la città si punta ad una giornata celebrativa condivisa da tutti.

Una giornata italiana dei porti. E’ quanto si prefigge di realizzare nel 2019 Assoporti dopo che nelle scorse settimane si è assistito alle numerose iniziative di integrazione tra porto e città, le cosiddette “Port Day” oppure “Porto Aperto”.

«Dal Nord al Sud, i porti hanno organizzato – si legge in una nota – seminari, concerti e mostre, ma anche giornate formative sui mestieri dei porti». « Lo scopo principale è quello di far conoscere le attività e le funzioni del porto alla popolazione delle città nelle quale si trovano».

L’intento per l’anno prossimo è di  concentrare  le iniziative in un unico giorno in quanto Assoporti ha promosso tra gli associati l’organizzazione dell’Italian Port Day. «Un obiettivo che ci siamo posti come Associazione,  ha commentato il Presidente di Assoporti, Zeno D’Agostino,  partecipando attivamente a seminari e approfondimenti sul tema, anche con ruolo di analisi tecnica delle necessità sociali delle persone che vivono intorno ai porti. Questa attività è molto complesso e include alcune tematiche di sostenibilità ambientale, ma anche di sicurezza, di comunicazione e integrazione delle diversità presenti nei porti.»

La nota si chiude ricordando che Assoporti  «ha attivamente contribuito al successo della conferenza “Next Generation” organizzata dall’Associazione Internazionale Porti-Città che si è tenuto a Québec, con visite tecniche al Porto Très Rivières e Montrèal in Canada. Tra i relatori della conference anche il Presidente dell’AdSP del Mar Adriatico Settentrionale, Pino Musolino».


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      Who’s their coach? Mora,Jr??? They will crumble this year. TJ was a great addition, but they can’t get there on one player. Where’s their defense? Not a chance…think Lions on this one…..

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    • More regulations, more legislation, blah blah blah blah.MAYBE all these people that wanted ocean front views should have taken a minute and thought of the consequences of living so close to the shore. They are playing Russian Roulette with Mother Nature. And, the people that choose to live BELOW SEA LEVEL in Louisianna and then are surprised when they get wiped out in a hurricane prone area boggle the mind.Too bad we can’t regulate and legislate common sense.And the solution to global warming – ADAPT.

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    • WOW! Those meatball sliders look divine. I am going to have to try those next time my sister and brother in law come over to help me do yardwork. My brother in law would love them. Love your blog. Debbie

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    • Yeah… they’re a little graphic, you could say that. I’m not, like, morally offended or anything, but I tend to prefer more subtlety, myself. Of course, many of the sex scenes are played for laughs, so subtlety’s probably not what they’re after.

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      that – WOW! What a contrast. The photo of the people of Sendai queuing for water so patiently and orderly even in such dire circumstances is incredible. I have never seen anything like it before. Unfortunately, the photo of the salt buyers/returners in China is a very familiar scene in many places I have been, and not just China.I did have to laugh at the crowds of greedy customers returning the salt. I think the stores should have capped the returns to only two bags per customer, maybe then some people would have learned to ease up next time.

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    • Atentie! Fiiecare batalion de securitate-militie, avea un pluton A.T. (adica USLA) format din militari in termen! Dotat la fel de bine si cu acelasi armament, ca si plutonul USLA “original” format doar din cadre active.

    • La grande peur bien-pensante n’a pas encore réussi, heureusement, à « couvrir » les charmes suggestifs des religieuses peintes par Clovis Trouille. La ministre Albanel doit se voiler la face, même si à Versailles, où elle oeuvra précédemment, il se passait, dit-on, de joyeuses et piquantes scènes, du temps où le monarque n’avait pas encore été remplacé par le monocrate.

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    • One of my bucket list items is to leave a huge tip on a very small bill. This week I might start off by paying for someone's morning coffee at Starbucks when I go this week 🙂

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      I want to gather with the youtubers that support Eric Harris and Dylan klebold/other school shooters and personally shoot them myself!People like -NaturalSelector89-tanascheel-RobinMcVeigh-ThePsychopathicBitch

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      It is very strange to see all of you more worried about the tertiary panelists and the theological positions rather than discussing the primary individuals that the dialogue is between and the considerations and thoughts regarding the topic of their discussion. I think it will be a very interesting discussion between Shermer and Habermas considering both of their personalities. Their interaction will be far more interesting and important than the tertiary discussion, especially the theological and denominational background of one panelist. It sounds like we all need a little more focus on the issue here.

    • K tomu slovu “auroseptik”: to jsem psal já a byl to částečnÄ› pÅ™eklep a částěčnÄ› slovní hříčka. SprávnÄ› mÄ›lo být euroseptik. Vím, že se nazýváte eurosKeptiky, ale jak čtu názory lidí, kteří sami sebe tak oaznačují, dospÄ›l jsem k názoru, že to písmeno K lze klidnÄ› vynechat. Víte pÅ™ece, co je to septik, že?


    • Two crapademic not-studies confirm that FOX is beloved of those who live in fantasy. If you are going to lie about the propaganda nature of FOX and its continual lying…you might want to know that there are multitudes of real studies on this issue.Lying/pretending to academic status serves to reveal you have only your beleefs.No US MSM favours the Left. At best, one has NPR with a neutral stance. You really should cease lying. As far as media studies…try again. I have read real ones. You are lying.Mold

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      Rabbi Shimon EddiI most want you to know that Judaism stresses that we are all God’s children, that life is all about making the choice to do good over taking the easy way out, and that God has faith in our ability to make the right decisions.

    • Tellement vrai … Mais le résumé est : vivre est dangereux ! Oui, bon, on avait compris.Ce qui est tout aussi drôle, c’est que chaque année, des scientifiques disent que manger un peu de viande, que boire un peu de vin, que faire l’amour, que manger des fruits et des légumes, permettent de lutter contre telle ou telle maladie … et donc … Mouarf ! J’adore ces « une étude selon laquelle » !

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      I roast my chicken the Keller way. Lots of kosher salt and high heat.The only problem is that my smoke alarm goes crazy everytime!Sometimes I sneak an onion in there and a lemon and do it Ina’s way, either way, it’s always our favorite weeknight meal.

    • what a touching story, thank you for sharing this! Running can be tough, even for those who have been doing it for a while sometimes. I truly believe in what that woman told you; what matters most is getting out there and doing something. What a great lesson to pass on to others.

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      So, when are Fleischmann and Pons going to be awarded the Nobel Prize? First the MIT and the whole cabal demonised F&P for having announced cold fusion to the world, now MIT wants to take the credit: Does the word hypocrite still exists in the dictionary?

    • Louna 5 mai 2010 Hé mais, t’as une demi-molle ou je rêve !Non mais sérieusement, non seulement c’est vivant ici, mais en plus c’est vivace ! wouhou !

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    • Where was the "Hope for Haiti" event when Haiti was down on its knees in poverty before the earthquake struck?. Well I guess we have to always go for the populist stance.

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      Kim,I missed the opening ceremony but I am so glad you post it!! I am actually watching the olympics now yay for me lol.Loving it so far can't wait until track and field start!!

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      i dont care..whatever..4 me Fazura still the most gorgeous actress in Malaysia,tk der saper leh lawan dia..yg lagi i suka,dia so soft spoken,n dia berani,dia berpendirian,dia akan ckp apa saja yg dia nk ckp,mmg sesuai dia jadi bakal permaisuri lgi..moga cpt2 kawin

    • Happy Birthday Ricky! May it be the best one ever! I believed that song for so long and I still had no idea what it was about, lol. The good don’t just die young, and I am so grateful you and Cyd are my pastors! You both have changed my life and my relationship with Jesus, also my families lives, with your wonderful teachings, prayer, worship,laughter, I am blessed by your gifts daily! May God continue to bless you with His favor today and everyday all the days of your long life:) Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

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      Cara wrote: “Why do men think they own the alimony issue when the vast majority of men are not paying it, and some women are?”Cara, please read the article. 96% if people who pay alimony are men. That is statistically significant. It is a men’s issue. But then so is math. 8)Trey

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      I’m going to be going through those today and tomorrow. I can easily tell if there’s a debt shuffle issue on your import if I have that. We did just implement a way to reverse the whole import from Billmonk at the import page:

    • LoL.. this really sounds like you are having a blast in Nairobi.. there is a group of expats who get together and have social hangouts and talk about what goes on in Nairobi.. dinners, hikes,dancing, lectures, book clubs, camping or white water rafting all in the lineup.. and fear not, no membership fees, no contributions or donations ever required. join on facebook groups – nairobi expat socials

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    • there weren’t enough votes to get him out of office. If he was impeached, he would have lost the presidency. So he wasn’t impeached…the proceedings started.I know that Nixon wasn’t impeached…but he would have been if he hadnt resigned. That is the difference between Nixon and Clinton. Clinton was not impeached…cause if he was he would have lost his presidency…that didn’t happen.-Robert-

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      Update: An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 rattled Indonesia’s North Sumatra province Sunday, May 09, 2010.So, is this another example of forewarning to our future demise in 2012, or this just a natural thing that happens all of the time? This time, in my opinion, it’s just a natural occurrence. Indonesia rests on a series of fault lines that make the archipelago nation one of the most world’s most earthquake-prone. A quake last year killed more than 1,000 people on Sumatra, but a 7.7 quake last month in the same area caused only minor damage.

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    • That is why I liked Coody as Mayor and Jordan on Council. You got a yen and yang. But when Jordan picked a real winner of a Chief of Staff, arrgggg!I’m ready to see a debate between the two. Personalities aside what will be the best for all. I can see comparisons with the Hogs football.From what I heard Petrino was a real ass but he could coach. Then that fell apart and Jeff Long took John L. Smith because he was nice and could get along.

    • I'm wondering the same thing as Marvin the Martian. We're just getting ready to do white subway tile in out kitchen as well and I'm trying to pick the grout color. Thanks!! (Love your kitchen!)

    • Muy interesante..pero, pregunto no hay ya mismo una primaria apreciacion de las inscripciones descubiertas BAJO TIERRA ? jeroglificos,signos inescifrables ? que dicen los criptologos ? Gracias poruna respuesta y/o comentario…Claudio *

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      « Pendant 15 ans j’ai été mangé à l’occasion à MacDo »J’ai bien écouté des horreurs concernant les McDos mais çà c’est le top !

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    • , "if they're going for the strict military look, I somewhat have mix feelings, but I'm still trying to put it together."I would just suggest that they might be going for the strict Nazi military look that would exclude all Blacks, Latinos and women, if they could get away with it.They don't want anyone Black, or anyone white whose culture looks Black. I think that's why they reacted (and I do mean REACTED like a nuclear reactor) to this man's Black associated physical characteristic – his hair.

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      I often find a lot of articles that are written that have little real substance. You have a great article here that’s interesting, original and full of substance. Thank you.

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      Die Stadt hat mir bei diesem Besuch ausgezeichnet gefallen. Zu einer Reihe kulinarischer Entdeckungen und kulturhistorischer Höhepunkte kam eine spannende Führung mit der Nachtwächterin Frau Dr. Jäger. Dazu hier in Kürze mehr. Gruß Editha

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      You really hit the spot. As educators, need to vote with other issues in mind because the Duncan plan needs to be undone. But the Romney ideas (in any area) are ridiculous.

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    • posted an update Chwilowki Zlociutkiego frazeologizmy w celu spolek pozabankowych Odkryj wiecej Kalkulator istnieje latwy – matki do wartosci nic bardziej blednego dubel suwaki: mozemy postawic kwote wierzytelnosci a kwote rat, oraz nizej dojrzejemy, jaka bedziemy oplacac stope, bez watpienia przykladowa (mozna malo tego nalepic etykiete…

    • Zia mary cullen(Josette Beau Pre)-concittadina di thanys, vampyprincessmiyu, Monybells, Erika e amica di Jenny Cullen*TEAM EDWARD*ghost mode e APT Val Venosta *-47gg* il scrive:

    • Oh, mich hat auch keine rgefragt;-)Aber ich denke ich gehöre auch nicht mehr zur Zeilgruppe (bin schon Ãœ30).Aber meine Meinung: nee, für mich auch nicht sexy! (oder zu jung, was weiß ich).GrußMelanie

    • These pics are so good. It was such a special day and I’m so glad the photos captured that feeling. We love you both. Thank you for inviting us. We had a blast. May God look over your marriage always.

    • Maria: Neida, det er ikke ubehagelig i det hele tatt med flettene, de ligger jo ganske sÃ¥ inntil hodet. Perlene ville nok vært vonde, men de tar vi selvsagt av om natta. Da kan vi variere farge og størrelse pÃ¥ dem etter den lille damens dagsform og prefereanser, ogsÃ¥.

    • car insurance Princeton NJ 6 Settembre 2018 at 1:34 - Reply

      I saw the initial thread that was sparked over this picture and I still just don’t understand how anyone can read this picture as “neutral.” It’s so obviously sexual to me that I just don’t understand how anyone can look at it and see it as just a woman lying down and reading.

    • Listen to the little voice of doubt only if it has something insightful or smart to say, not if it’s just spouting fear. ~Terri GuillemetsGood food for thought today, Patricia.

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    • continue with the the good work on the blog. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but iÂ’m quite sure that you got more or better things to do , hehe. =p

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    • I like him too and even dressed as him last halloween. Pretty depressing that he went crazy though. Oh and he was a big fan of the tank girl comic, so much so that he got at tattoo of the character on his ass. No really. –

    • I’ve been trying to find that Choc Almond Butter everywhere up north – no luck!! I might have to suck it up and order a pack online haha. These recipes sound deeelicious, I’m going to try one out soon!

    • I remember this so much! Back when Myspace was the hot topic, every time I would comment on someone’s photo I would just paste this video on their comment bar as a video response comment… A year later Myspace began to die and I slowly began to use the site we are all obsessed with known as Facebook…..

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      Thank you my dear friend! I would love to see one that you make- your work is exquisite! I can only imagine how cool you would make one of these! I made that ring last year for a local benefit. It was a very special ring-and crystal too! : )

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    • I would also add the Peasant’s museum near the Herastrau park. It really feels like how Romanian looked like a century ago. Also, if you want some great Romanian food, I strongly suggest Locanta Jaristea, one of the most popular restaurants in Bucharest

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    • Men are weak now a days. Black men used to be the strongest race on the planet mentally, physically and genetically but now a days…..not so much.I feel bad for the kids he left behind.

    • 13dSure u do, Sure u r! Tell u what, when U start ‘mentioning’ US on UR site[Lol! as if] then ur ‘praise’ might count az sumthin, but really, we kinda jus C u as 1 more SPAMMER!! Now pleaz, either B real, or go away!! [n THAT goes 4 the REST of y’all az well]21

    • (Lia Marr: Hello Mr. X. I know it’s something that you may not be able to really understand but I have faith in knowing that God has control over life and that no human can create life.)No human can create life? What are you talking about?This isn’t a personal attack, but you are going to have to make what you say more sharply defined then that. No human can create life? How many people are born every single day? What about the whole field of biotechnology? Cloning?

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    • Ooh I just want to give you and LB the biggest hugs ever for being so fabulous and wonderful! And a standing ovation (complete with boob flash!) for you Curtise – I was SO happy when you started blogging as you are not only a gorgeous, stylish, vintage loving super-fox, but you are also perceptive, clever, hilarious, a wonderful observer of the human condition and a brilliant writer. THANK YOU for this wonderful post. You rock the frickin kasbah.Love! Sarah xxx

    • Wow what a journey! I'm glad you made it for Xmas and can enjoy it with your family! Get well soon! Sending you the positive energies))Loving the preview! the jewellery is incredible, I want it all!And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!xxTali.

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      hi Greg, what happened to the website. the links don’t work. in any case, I live in New Mexico and we have a lot of people here making their own biodiesel/ethanol but my question is: is there a way of retrofitting a car, any car to run on the new fuel. Have you done anything in this respect.thanks in advance,michael soussan214-724-8741

    • Richard, I don’t agree with the current rent controls, but you have to understand that you won’t find any low-wage workers that are necessary to run a city like NY unless you can provide them them with rent controls or another sort of subsidy.

    • Hi Amit, how about basing (at least part of) the site's authority on how many times people actually search for the website by name? You don't have to be trademarked to be a brand or popular.I think that people looking for a website by name (rather than just keywords), speaks volumes of a store, blog, etc. that has built some name recognition.Thanks.

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    • Audi, I'm with you on "I'll take androgynous or even unfeminine over slutty or trashy any day. " – & with the others on 'frumpy.' I'm finding that although I enjoy compliments on my outfit or a given item, I'm more satisfied with compliments on how I look instead of on my clothes. So although I'm beginning to lean more toward basics, thanks to you I'm continuing to at least look for basics with a twist to keep them interesting!

    • Lara comentou em 23 de junho de 2010 às 14:27. Antes de mais nada, parabéns!!!To babando nesses batons faz tempo. O que vc achou do produto? A cor é linda, mas ele é bom? Bjs

    • Ooo yummy! I love pea soup!*sigh* I just love soup in general, I made it last night, ate leftovers for lunch, and may have the rest or another soup for dinner! I'm almost sad it's getting warm out just because warm soups get shelved until autumn :)Hope you're having a lovely day!

    • Overkill:Oui.Oui, oui, je comprends bien votre dégoût pour l’image que cela vous renvoie.Mais ne pas les accuser, de malhonnêteté intellectuelle et artistique c’est tout.Et libre à vous de ne pas apprécier.Quant à Arte c’est encore autre chose. Cependant vu les villes choisies par vous pour votre allusion à Intervilles (Béziers-Cassis) je ne m’avance peut être pas trop en disant que c’est certainement trop « nordiste » pour votre sensibilité…

    • Wow Wooowwiiiee! Beautiful works all,Alberto! Sorry I haven’t been around a lot either…lookit all the goodies I’ve missed! O.o Keep those babies coming!

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      Pour connaitre quelques étudiants chinois, je peux vous dire qu’il n’y a pas qu’à Toulon que ça se fait et que les contre-parties ne sont pas que financières !

    • disse:I Will have to visit again whenever my course load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your Rss feed so i could go through your site offline. Thanks.

    • Hey Eric, I would agree about not setting solid targets. Until you can understand the aspects and consumer interactions of the blog, it is difficult and possibly restricting to say we want X traffic to the site for 2008. But, it does sound like the blog is moving in a positive direction, which is great news and answers my question. Keep up the good work. Troy

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    • Jaja!!! ¿De terror yo? nooooorrrrr, …por Dios, por Dios, déjame estar que ya me llega con lo que tengo. Las novelas que más me gustan son las eróticofestivas y estereosernxuales de toda la vida… pero, vale, vale… ya sabemos lo que hay… esto es una novela de instriga ¿no? Ainssssssssssssss qué ya estoy enganchada… no si la escritora gancho sí que tiene…

    • First of all, I cannot believe I've only just found your blog. It is amazing. I personally love the third photo of Rose. Also, I love in the previous post her explanation about how one piece should not outdo another. She is just wonderful.Have a great day!-Ellie

    • Wow! love this, yes attitude is everything. Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things hop I hope you have a weekend filled with happy! xo P.S. I mentioned you in today's post 🙂

    • I kind of agree with Deandre leaving, although since the bottom three each week has been fairly consistent, the next couple of weeks could be quite boring as we say goodbye to Elise and Hollie. I hate it when there’s a solid gang of frontrunners, because it invariably means there won’t be any surprises for the next couple of weeks.

    • It's so nice to see someone who feels the same way about The Holiday as I do! (Which is my favorite romantic movie.) And I have to say, the cover of "Bond Girl" looks AWESOME!nina565(at)aol(dot)com

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      To figure out whether it’s the sushi or the all-you-can-eat, we’d have to do a second experiment and see if you drool when you hear the tinkling music of the sushi truck.

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      The song is beautiful… I know you heard the song but did you listen to it? Lyrics are beautiful and quite fitting for the movie. She deserved to be nominated.

    • Salamat Big Man! Wala man gud sa FB link, gawas sa malipayong panghitabo niadtong Huwebes. Padayon… pero advise ra, i-censor pud gamay ang pictures… tan-awa ra gud ang mga lawas sa mga na-feature sa imong write-up, halos tanan nay common nga feature. Basin lahi na nga tipo sa member ang mo-apil sa Super Bull ba.

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    • Mouai, interressant! J’adore voir les making off en tout cas, c’est bien la chose que j’adore le plus. ^^” Aller, j’espère que ça sera une réussite ce reboot!

    • manondzo dit :Les opposants ont tout simplement peur que ce projet d’envergure n’entraîne une amélioration à terme des conditions de vie des populations de la région qui, le moment venu, pourraient être reconnaissantes envers le pouvoir, c’est tout; le reste c’est de l’habillage.

    • It’s funny, I’m just reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and thought the asparagus thing was decidedly similar to what I was thinking! We were debating putting in asparagus, and decided against it this year, but we are going to put in some fruiting shrubs and strawberries, so we’ll see how it goes, and maybe build up to trees next year!

    • de mai sus: cate atrocitati au comis mai trupele romane in Basarabia???Se compara cumva cu cei 1 si jumatate aproape de morti si deportati cauzati de URSS, te rog frumos nu confunda fratii tai romani(ca oricat te-ai screme tot nu te poti desparti de adevar, si vorbesti aceiasi limba cu mine, deci nu cred ca e doar o coincidenta, si in ciuda declaratiilor tale eu tot te consider frate, findca asta e educatia primita, sa fiu alaturi de fratii mei, nu sa ii ponegresc si sa arunc cu c**** in ei).  

    • Hi all,Praying that the chicken pox won´t be too dreadful for all your kiddies and ladies to bear. These are some of the not-so-great joys of a large family but know that God heals. Hopefully it passes soon.God blessBelinda

    • I love the magic of the city. I love all of the beautiful lights and the air of romance. I love the art especially and the decadent food everywhere you look. I love the beautiful shops and bakeries, and the carefree spirits of the people there. What is there not to love about Paris?Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.Teresa

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    • Bill RyanJuly 15, 2010Really a great idea Cory. I recently picked up a 50mm f/1.8 lens for my D90 and I’m going to force myself to use only the prime for a full day at Disney. The bokeh this lens produces is fantastic and I hope to have enough good ones to post a prime write-up when I get back. Great composition and bokeh on your shots here, A+ as always.

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    • I made this recipe almost exactly, I omitted the sugar and used a health shake powder *shakeology* that I have and they turned out amazing. Thank you once again for the awesome recipe! Keep up? the good work

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    • Have always enjoyed Zucchini fritters but they can be fairly simple tasting, love the additions of scallion, mint and feta. Even though I have the book I’ve copied the recipe from here to my to be tried list! Thanx for pointing this recipe out!

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      And…???? :0)It’s been fun getting to know the boys…Bin was always the quiet little dude at first, but even just this Sunday I noticed that he was just lit up and bubbly! So neat to see them grow and become accustomed to their new life. Anna will be an amazing woman with all this…good job!

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      This is super!! Thank you for choosing the Vines, they are an amazing family! I envy you for having met Brannan in person but my day is coming…soon I hope! Enjoy your cruise!

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    • It’s working, I can finally comment! I love this idea! I’ll share mine on Thursday, I’ll hopefully have at least one thing to share considering you are a touch act to follow!

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    • I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

    • Personally, I have always been a little grossed out by the whole folded TP thing. That means there is one tiny degree of separation between my butt and some stranger’s hands. But to each his (or her) own.

    • I absolutely adore using drapes/curtains as a huge design detail in a room….I have oversized mint julep dupioni silk draperies in 3 rooms that just pop off of our white walls….love this look! Simple, colorful and fresh all at the same time!! I think it is a great investment of money in a room's decor since it adds so much!

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    • Oi Favia ainda não fiz este castiçãl, mas esta na minha listinha rsrs, eu ja fiz o cabide aromatizador, vasinhos de bexigas e a torta de maça, mas tem vários projetos seu guardados, adoro.bjsGélia[] Respondeu:setembro 26th, 2012 at 9:55Oi, Gélia! Manda Fotos das artes que você fez! Adoro ver as ideias se multiplicarem Beijo grande[]

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      Je, si eu mi-am pierdut, demult, "cea mai buna prietena", care a ales sa ma ignore dupa ce as fi facut ceva gresit. Au trecut ani de zile si nici pana in ziua de azi nu stiu ce am facut. Dar stiu cum e sa se rupa o astfel de relatie. Sunt sigura insa ca viata ne scoate in cale alti oameni, mai buni, care sa le ia locul, macar in parte, celor care au disparut.

    • I’m very happy to have found your blog. I’m a London blogger too and I like to connect with other locals! Thanks for the info too, I now know some places I should definitely avoid…

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      i have a couple of suggestions, 1) there should be a camera logo with the youtube logo shirt 2) there should be a camera (of any sort, but good quality) on there that links directly to youtube when pluged in to the computer and 3) a username feature. they're just suggestions, but they are pretty good ideas.

    • I hope all is well and you have a good time with the family this weekend. And just keep trying with the quilting frame – I know after a while it will be a complete doddle!!

    • A fost o perioada in care PDL a scazut mult in sondaje , pentru opozitie (PNL) era suficient sa urmareasca binele “natiei” realizandu-si astfel binele propriu, dar n-au facut decat sa se discrediteze singuri dand astfe o gura de oxigen PDL-ului si astfe posibilitatea sa revina in sondaje. Melescanu nu tebuia exclus ci pus presedinte!

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    • great blouse! Oh, I love thrifting! Very few things as thrilling as finding exactly what you are looking for for CHEAP!–thanks for thinking my baby and me are cute. I think he's pretty adorable myself!!!

    • full coverage auto insurance CA 8 Settembre 2018 at 21:59 - Reply

      – Absolutely lovely! Love the new lines and your style is SO perfect with these papers and embellies. I was lucky to see them at CHA… can’t wait for them to come to stores.

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      Yummy! I make this and the name makes the kids snicker and giggle.Last week I made it w/ 2 cans of cherry and 1 can of apple pie filling. Turned out great!

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    • than done but seriously if WE don't do something to change this system and if it does not change by next year's review I think I am going to bail out and find other place to work, which it's probably a good thing for my well being but its also a shame that talented people like me are thinking of going somewhere else. I really want to see this place create awesome products but I can only take so much of this culture.

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    • Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 3 days searching for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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    • Das unter beschriebene Problem mit dem “Westbau” von St. Georg in Köln ergibt sich nur, wenn man die Datierung “12. Jahrhundert” kritiklos anerkennt.Der Bau kann genausogut zweihundert Jahr später eingeordnet werden.

    • – Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appeal. I must say you’ve done a fantastic job with this. In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Chrome. Outstanding Blog!

    • I really love your website.. Great colors & theme. Did you make this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own site and would like to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called. Kudos!

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      wow. I like to leave some things up to the readers imagination, especially when there is a small word limit. However, other than the reference to the F.B.I being everywhere, and that you would have to take the fall, you were never actually arrested, never picked up at the police station by your parent’s, no reference to a gas station and no attempt or reason to explain what had happened and why. If I were to critique you on this prompt I would say to read a little closer and follow the prompt. Welcome and look forward to seeing more of you’r work.

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      Fjordman at least is beginning to realize that the regime isn't so much pro-muslim as it is anti-White.This is true. Fjordman used to be nearly an anti-racist, he banned people from his site for stuff like that in the old days. Not anymore, it seems. But it's not so hard to believe. Many people including myself started out more as anti-liberals and the explicitly racial part of the equation became clear later.

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      Nydelig skjenk ! Og du har allerede malt den. Du er en reser til Ã¥ male , altsÃ¥ !Jeg tror menn LIKER Ã¥ holde pÃ¥ med ledninger og sÃ¥nne koblegreier…. det har i alle fall jeg bestemt meg for , he he..Gleder meg til Ã¥ se det hele ferdig og kjenner jeg deg rett sÃ¥ er det ikke lenge til ;)Klem fra Ingunn 🙂

    • nice Kimber, he was instantly relieved that I did not panic. We both had a laugh over it and a conversation ensued and now we talk firearms and hunting every time he comes in. I think if more people were accustomed in a “polite society” that so much less panic over firearms in general would ever ensue. My .02

    • other Manga Bookshelf news, we’ve offered our views on a variety of relatively recent releases in the latest installment of Bookshelf Briefs. Is anyone else ready for the Straw Hats to come back, or is it just me? Filed under: ComicList,

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      Leilani – I love old globes, a nice find! I just picked up a 1960s black globe last week at a thrift store, I like them better too!Reply

    • The King sounds like my husband. We have more hooked up to our TV than I can handle. We watch a lot of TV after my daughter goes to bed too. I need it though. Sometimes I need to just zone out to something mindless. Maybe we should give rotating pics of the family a try Mommy Unmuted recently posted..

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      Congrats. Make sure to check out the citadel though when I went there were armed guards that weren’t happy about letting me in though a little friendly discussion changed their minds. Also check out the new shopping mall downtown. Anywhere else it’d be just another mall but it’s an impressive sign of progress. THe souk rocks too. Have fun, I’m jealous!

    • pisze:W takim razie caÅ‚e szczęście, że mamy tyle różnych do wyboru 😉 Ja mówÄ™ – Joko nie próbowaÅ‚am, wiÄ™c na jej temat nie wypowiem siÄ™ 😉

    • By 29 octubre, 2012 – 11:06Buenos días Julián.En cuanto a su consulta, todo dependerá de la pena que se pudiera imponer en la sentencia, momento a partir del cual empezará a contar la prescripción según se indica en el artículo. De todos modos, no debe aventurarse puesto que primero debe celebrarse la vista y ha de demostrarse su culpabilidad.Saludos

    • Hallo Daniela,danke für dein Feedback. Du hast ja wahrlich eine Sportsrakete zu Hause. Und wie es scheint ein Talent. Denn gerade wenn jemand in vielen Sportarten sich leicht tut dann kann man noch viel mehr vom Talent sprechen. Also so eine 22er Zeit mit dem Alter ist schon ein schönes Stück. Hoffentlich bleibt ihr der Spaß. Denn dann kann man durch gezieltes Training viel bewirken.Run ON!Willi

    • Suuuuper envious of all the beautiful clothes you get to wear, including this piece!Love the cut out heart at the back, it’s so lovely and girly!Sigh, I would love to be at NYFW too…. If only!

    • look auto insurance Baytown TX 9 Settembre 2018 at 6:13 - Reply

      Schöne Fotos, man kann sich euren Tag gut vorstellen.Heimweh habt ihr wohl nicht, oder? :)Wünsche noch ein schönes Wochenende!

    • about 10 minutes before I finished my run.  Since my last post, I’ve also listened to:  Adventures in SciFi Publishing #66 (Elizabeth Bear and Tobias Buckell) and #67 (Tobias Buckell — I’m going to have to read something by Tobias Buckell soon,

    • I produced a thing letter mail merge to stand out spreadsheet to ensure that address block & greeting line are placed & produced 84 individual letters- a thing doc with 84 pages. How do you take out each page individually to transmit out being an email attachment w/o needing to sendOr being mounted on other 84 pages?

    • I don't think it's a big deal at all. In Spain, it's legal for her to be drinking. The only reason people have a problem with it is because she's in the limelight. Just think of it this way GURLs, if you went to Spain, you would probably buy alcohol just for the rush because you're allowed to buy it there. She just did the same thing any of us would do.

    • Flip flops?! How I wish it were flip flop weather here. Instead, there’s ice as far as you can see and I am suffering from a nasty cold. On the plus side, we did get to see the sky today!I’m off to curl up under a blanket but I hope you have a much better New Year.

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      GOLD DIGGER ALERT: Get ready to empty your vault Douglas Murray!! – The Dream , Illinois, United States, 13/12/2012 16:35 – If Elin was a golddigger she would still be married to Tiger.

    • Intanto che leggo debuggo (la mia memoria a breve termine… di che stavo parlando? 😀 😀 )e le frequenze non quelle che possono interagire con le molecole dell'atmosferaHai tolto il sono di proposito per evitare una ripetizione? Se sì, però così suona male…

    • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

    • Well… real good memories… c’est vraiment très difficile d’écrire quelque chose sous ce billet…Salut Bob & immense merci pour tout ce que tu as fait pour le livre.

    • Mai e in indiciu: unde vedeti semne de exclamare , de ex. "A fost foarte vine la acest hostel !!!" asta e sigur review fals. In schimb, in experienta mea, turistii de foarte multe ori intreaba si tin minte numele receptionerului si il pomenesc in review.

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      – Hey Jackson,I am just a little surprised but a lot of my gear is spoken for already. I think I’ll be getting the Fuji sooner than even I anticipated. Let me know if you need any help, the X Pro 1 body is $300.00 off right now FYI.

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    • Ååååh guuuud vad gott!! Jag ääälskar plockmat! Mums! Och tack för drinktipset, strawberry daquiri är sååå gott! Funderade ocksÃ¥ länge pÃ¥ vad vi skulle äta igÃ¥r, blev tillslut hamburgare pÃ¥ grillen, med guacamole, blev supergott det med! Önskar dig en fin dag i det härliga vädret 🙂 Kram

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    • 6.7k this week – and the last thousand was like pulling teeth :SMy average is ticking over nicely though, because of the 11k I managed last week. And almost unbelievably I wrote 8.7k on something completely separate this week, as well as the WIP I must make it clear tho that this isn’t normal for me – I’m self-employed and have had a quiet couple of weeks, so made the most of the extra time. The next two or three weeks are likely to be hectic, so I need to be up on my target in order to be able to let it slack again for a wee while.Everyone is doing AMAZINGLY well – the enthusiasm is so infectious

    • haha. Yeah Lemmings are great. There is an open source clone called PINGUS. It’s not finished yet, but is still fun, and should run on all three major operating systems these days. (Windows, Mac, Linux)I’m working on making an Esperanto translation for Pingus. Also, in the future i may re-do the graphics for pingus, to have real lemmings instead of penguins. haha, but that will take a while.

    • It’s great to try to diversify as much as possible, and it does keep your interest going if you have a very low boredom threshold like me. But I do find it more difficult as I get older to keep more than one thing going. It’s partly the time needed to keep at the cutting edge of a field and partly the momentum shift required to kick off projects and switch between fields..

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      We’re big Lee Child fans in our house, and we’ve been cracking wise about the Tom Cruise decision for weeks. Our early first choice was Liam Neeson, who has the physical presence Cruise lacks. Can you picture Reacher with the famous Cruise goofy lunatic grin?

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    • So, "…The strongest bit is the fact that the massacres are coordinated with artillery barrages"? You seriously mean that Assad send his own units under the artillery barrages?

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    • This is in addition to the above mentioned 1500.So that is circa 11000 Jews only illegal squats since the UNGA vote.Great stuff Israel .Soon you will have zero allies and the BDS movements will grow exponentially and bury your racist project Zionism in the dirt , where it belongs.

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    • These are a few of my favorite things♬ Can you hear Julie Andrews 🙂 Salmon and peas with pasta is something I make regularly so I'll have to try it with risotto next time – looks delicious!

    • crois tout simplement que l’on embarque pas ds une relation lorsque l’on a des choses à régler ! Alors, on impose pas à notre blonde/chum des choses dès le départ ! Comme je disais, on a tous un vécu ( lourd ou moins lourd ) mais, trop de gens , selon moi, s’embarque ds des relations en séries en ne faisant pas le ménage AVANT !!!

    • I so agree with you on spending too much on beauty! I like the concept of putting aside some makeup fund. At least that way I could limit my makeup purchases as opposed to spend all my income on it! Lol I'm going to try it out! =) xxx

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    • Lo de meter hinojo entre dos panes es algo que no se me habría ocurrido en todos los días de mi vida pero si tú dices que está bueno, yo me lo creo y la verdad es que el sandwich entra por los ojos… muy chula la foto! Un besote.

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      Gorgeous images! What a beautiful and happy family. Sophie and Hunter already look like best buds! You and Huey look great (& I love your outfit!!!).

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    • De vez em quando passo por cá (não diariamente, confesso), mas acho que nunca deixei um comentário. Este primeiro deve-se ao incentivo, mas vou passar a comentar mais. É que vocês já sabem que fazem coisas lindas e apetecíveis, mas é sempre bom ouvi-lo, não é? Keep up the good work!

    • Hallo jongens.Wat een heerlijk verhaal, zal je hier niet lukken om zo weg te komen van een camping. Hahahahaha. geweldig!!!!En dan die supermarkt, helemaal toppie!Groetjes en xxxjes van Sandra en co.

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    • Thank you, dear Debbie. I know your children and grandchildren are blessed! And you are so right, prayer is the ultimate weapon. Thanks for your kind comments.

    • Reviewed on: July 8, 2012Missing old Vegas We see this show twice a year. And the Rio is a good venue. This takes me to the Vegas that was at least for a short time. Great cast. Good show. Frank and Sammy are fantastic and the music, oh the music. Wish the customer service was better but worth it. Remember tho that old Vegas worked on tips and your seats will be great.

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    •   Since I already spoke about this topic in terms of how these messages can be communicated (last time, by a play), I think we should have an open thread on the topic itself: this more extreme side of LGBTQ*

    • Well, Dani, this is all great except that my wonderful husband was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer 3 years ago. Needless to say, sex life is now a memory, a happy memory. Sex is impossible with hormone and radiation treatment. Sex is different, but it hasn’t changed the love at all. Soooo, I guess I have to settle for the treadmill and working out, or being chubby……..I’m very grateful that my husband is alive and we are enjoying a great relationship, even without sex.I’m happy for you………….

    • Én azért javasolnám a tisztelt HVSE elnökségnek és minden illetékes elvtársnak, hogy mielÅ‘tt elkezdenék a lövészárkok kiásását, a hadállások kiépítését, /kiskapu/ elÅ‘tte tanulmányozzák alaposan az ellenség/ FIFA, MLSZ/haditervét/Sporttörvény/Hasznos és eredményes haditervet lehet kovácsolni ennek ismeretében. Szerintem nem a “feszült viszony” rendezésére mint inkább annak szítására alkalmas ez a sajtóközlemény. JellemzÅ‘en egyoldalú félinformációk kiszivárogtatása az indulatokat szítja és nem rendezi a helyzetet. Kinek jó ez?

    • I agree that Magic Kingdom is mostly for girls. That’s the park my fairies adore. Last time they dressed up in disney princess costumes and had their picture taken with each one of the princesses. Who made the line? Mr. Kitchen Fairies…almost all the lines. I’m glad that you are back to brighten bloggy world with you quilty creation.

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    • tout monde n’etait pas fan d’aaliyah non plus,elle n’etait pas aussi connu que cela,moi c’est apres sa mort que j’ai entendu aaliyah j’etait pas fan de son style musical,trop mou et saoulant,arreter de fait croire qu’elle etait la meilleur,elle n’a vendu que 32 millions d’album dans le monde,et elle commençait a etre dans l’oubli parceque les destiny child rafflait tout deja

    • When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new surveys are added- checkbox and from now on if a comment is added I receive four emails with related comment. Possibly there is that is you’re able to get rid of me from that service? Thanks!

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      Lo poco que he conocido de Catalina me hace pensar (y desear con toda el alma) que ella se va a ganar ese premio. Otro de los muy merecidos reconocimientos a esa inmensa mujer.

    • to me (I was already in tears just thinking about things), “Look at me, I’ve drank and smoked my whole life, not a thing wrong with me. My wife is the one that was hit with this – it’s because God knows she can handle it”. My Mom proves it can be done – just as thousands of others have and just as you will. We are praying for you, Sara, Always.

    • I personally donÂ’t believe in global warmingÂ… its not doing anything it just Earths cycle. IÂ’m tired of hearing this global warming crap. It was a lot worse than what people are telling you what is going to happen before.

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      Definitely I agree with you Johanna.. and I go on this concept too. I wonder how much time executives need to stop using all the impersonal terms that now, much more people see that doesn’t help to measure the value people has inside any IT company. At the end of the day computers without people doesn’t seem to value at all.

    • I’m always happy to see articles about the diversity of medicine and the many different paths you can take. Dr. Karlic clearly loves what she does, and it sounds like her patients truly appreciate her work. What more could you ask for in a career?

    • Comme pour la sardine, le maquereau… je vais quand meme regarder de plus pret, on ne sait jamais… un arrivage de je ne sais ou! En attendant, je laisse faire mon imagination, ce qui n’est pas mal non plus, avec de telles images! Bon week end Sophie.

    • Oh wow I didn't figure this one would be so emotional! I love the sounds of it. I never read a book by Kresley Cole but the author is definitely very popular from his (or is it a her!?) adult series. Anywyas, this one sounds fascinating and brilliant. I definitely want to try it out! Great review Candace!

    • I’m not sure what your comment means, are you referring to some games that seem to have gotten a free pass from this community? (Trying to clarify, not being a smartass.)If so I guess it’s because there are different bloggers here who have different takes on things maybe?

    • direct auto insurance Athens TN 10 Settembre 2018 at 21:59 - Reply

      have never in my life seen Mark do a review like this. This was unwatchable he just kept hammering in the same goddamn point for two minutes straight and I was like YES I GET IT YOU DIDN’T LIKE THIS CAPTAIN AMERICA GAME. It was like watching a post season 5 episode of South Park it ha a blatantly obvious point that no one gave a shit about, it wasn’t clever.Also Thor had everything to do with this because he only reviewed the shitty one then undertow did the good one.

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      Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

    • pon fhm cmna awk rasa sy pon xdpt g intrvw 2..hmm xpe upu akn pertmbngkan kos ln yg kita mntak tu..hrp2 kita semua dpt buat ijazah..insyllh,amin

    • tentang bagaimana permainan dan cara-cara untuk hidup," tegas Stewart Downing di Euro Cup 2012.   Euro Cup 2012 – Punggawa Liverpool, Stewart Downing menilai rekannya yakni Andy Carroll akan menj…Inggris. Hal tersebut diungkapkan Stewart Downing karena kabarnya sang rekan Andy Carroll sempat

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    • Hands down the best single product I’ve bought recently. My eye makeup used to melt and hurts my eyes by the afternoon. After I started using this product, the problem went away, in a finger snap. Thank you, Nars!

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      Politicians will never learn that government job schemes, green jobs, or whatever, will never work to create long term employment.Look at just this morning where a major player in the Government's home insulation scheme . Although still a better result than the Aussie government insulation scheme that managed to kill something like four people and burn down at least a couple of houses.

    • Co wy gadacie wczoraj w Czeladzi byÅ‚ chÅ‚opak z tym piwem i tak zachwalaÅ‚ wÅ‚aÅ›nie miodowe i żywe, że postanowiÅ‚em wziąć po butelce i byÅ‚o naprawdÄ™ dobre. WiÄ™cej takiego piwa na rynku 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Super!!! Ma bucur sa-mi vad “opera” aici! Si cand te gandesti ca am dat din greseala aseara peste aceasta emisiune (normal, nu-s telespectatoare Romantica TV…) Foarte draguta emisiunea. Promit sa revin cu alte inregistrari (*)

    • This is the part where I ask how a vegetarian could possibly celebrate Thanksgiving, right?Glad to not see it! Happy Thanksgiving to all — flesh-eaters and otherwise.

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      Hey Jenny!Megan’s formula – which is the one I advise makers to use – is:Materials + Labor + Overhead + Profit = Wholesale X 2 = RetailI am working on a post that will address the “labor” cost issue. I believe a maker can’t charge less than about $25 an hour and hope to create a sustainable business. Also, profit, it should be noted, is a separate line item to labor. It’s the money you use to grow your business!Hope that helps!

    • Алексей:Мне понравилось, особенно про деятельность, ведь и по правде, без нее не будет ни знаний, ни навыков, ни желания, ни опыта и т.д. А бизнес мышление, на мой взгляд, это совокупность знаний, психологических и эмоциональных особенностей, опыта и умений, которые можно получить только со временем, прочитав большое количество книг, и сделав кучу ошибок.

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      According to messages from some proponents of Measure S,Opponents of S are: left-wing fruitcakes, idiotsHomeless people are: detritus, analogous to flies, bumsBerkeley is: analogous to excrementWhen you call it “civil sidewalks,” what do you mean by “civil?”

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      I'm skeptical that we'll have teleportation the way the Star Trek envisions it, where an object is analyzed down to its subatomic particles and it's re-created elsewhere. (The processing power necessary to analyze -my- mass would be horrendous.) But if we consider other ways of getting from point A to point B without going through points in between there may be other options. Something involving a wormhole would be nice; it bypasses all those difficult questions like "but do you still have a soul?"

    • i enjoy the show and would love to be part of the hunt, i would love to learn from the best and be able to take a big buck . i’m in my sixty’s and would love to have a chance ,thank you

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    • Siken dock är inte ”Apan ser, Apan Lär” rätt ska det vara rätt sÃ¥ är det Apan ser, Apan gör.

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      Kiinnostuin tästä teidän asiasta niin paljon että googlasin jutun (avocado+pesto+pecorino) ja huomasin että avocadopasta näyttää olevan aika normaali ruoka muualla maailmassa mutta teidän ansiostanne on nyt siis rantautunut sinne Suomeenkin:) Hieno juttu!

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      pai tocmai asta e: din moment ce exista o mancare ce dauneaza, nu ar trebui eliminata? ideea era: eliminata cu anatemizare precum tigarile sau alcoolul sau o scoatere la alegere, ceva de genul: nu e buna pentru sanatate, dar nu e mare branza daca manaci…o sa culegi mai tarziu.

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      LOL.. your hubby sounds like mine. I am the queen of the kitchen too.. but that means I also have to do the dishes. I love this beautiful spice latte cake… looks so perfect.

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      assalam…same here. i was about to ask u the same thing. i do believe it was u i saw when the MC asked to have a female audience to try the slack line balance thingy. how was it in real life? was The Master friendly? (Kim Byeongman)Looking forward to ur reply!izah.

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      I hope your finger is getting better and poor you Kellie! As for shepherdess pie, that would me just as welcome on my table as shepherd’s pie would be………a lovely seasonal meal. Karen

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    • You can do the math! I went back to college, single with five kids. Math, Chemistry, and the Sciences were hard, but there's help out there…. tutors! I didn't think I could do it, either. But 7 years after I started, I completed a B.S. & M.S. degree and put myself on a career path, even though I didn't need it several years later. You are never to old, never too in-experienced. You can do it!

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      Ahhh it’s because I’m egocentric. That’s the bugger. Yup. Thank You Dann.See I put it in there for you Merry XmasxxxxP.S. You sound hot. Can’t wait to hear Andrew Wow I’m in a strange mood tonight!xxxx

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      What an absolute gorgeous dog. The picture of your daughter leaning on Emma’s head is just precious. Makes me wanna go home and hug my dog (Poochie)…

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      Assalamualaikum En Azhan, saya nak bertanya, adakah sekolah memandu encik menyediakan perkhidmatan untuk kemahiran kerana saya telah pun mempunyai lesen memandu. Sekiranya ada berapa bayaran dikenakan untuk perjam.

    • : Va donc dans ton astronef et dis moi ça@ Bean & Imposture : Peux pas mettre le son moi au tafD’ailleurs je m’endors, ça craint. Petite nuit. 2 nuits d’affilés. Un boulot tellement monstrueux que je le laisse sur la table et mes chefs qui passent en me syeutant de travers ^^Je vais aux chiottes pour dormir 5 min ??

    • danke du bist ja süß <33 abe rich bin doch kein vorbild 🙁 ich komm mir selbst immer so unkreativ vor wenn ich auf deinem blog rumschnuppere…ja ich habe auch garnix groß gegen helle haut inm gesicht aber an den beinen geht das garnicht…deswegen hab ich im sommer auch IMMER leggins oder strumpfhose an… (hab ja noch neurodermitis und da sind die beine eh voll afgekratzt)..nunja… das leben als leiche xD

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      I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Here's what you should do:1. Find a way to eliminate the spammers and spambots that litter this site.2. Eliminate or at least extend the 10-minute time limit for Director videos.3. Eliminate the comment-rating system, for it is utterly useless.4. I'd personally like to see everyone's individual rating of each one of my videos, so I can see who gives 5* and who gives 1*.

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      Wait, so disposables at night, which we know is 12 hours. Plus when they are out…which is at least six more hours a day. So…when are these cloth diapers being used exactly? Kath, just admit you don’t want to use–can’t deal with–don’t care about cloth diapers. Instead of coming up with all of this malarkey about “hybrid systems” and excuses about rashes etc. People really would respect you more if you were just honest about it, instead of always trying to look perfect on the blog.


    • Nydelige bilder du har tatt.. Og den krakken ehhh.. skammelen ;9 var nydelig !!Her har vi hatt sol, men en iskald vind idag !!!ha en fin kveld :)Klem,Kari

    • The new set is great.Compact, expressive, powerful in appearance, withcolors of blues, grays, white & black,complimenting each other.Most of the “Winter colors” drawn together.As an added attention to detail,notice how Ben & Anna have color-coordinated their attaireto the set?All-in-all, very professionally done.I’m greatly impressed.

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    • I had been curious about if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your web site? It is well written; I really like what you have got to state. But maybe you could add a a bit more in the way of content so people might connect with it better. Youve got a great deal of wording for only having one or two photos. Maybe you can space it out better?

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    • Gemma ZaragozaTengo dos hijos a lso que estoy pensando en apuntar a estas clases. Madres de Madrid y Barcelona, me han hablado maravillas del sistema, y creo firmemente que la diversión hace mucho más fñacil el aprendizaje

    • Querida, vou responder aqui mesmo sobre aquele comentário…Vi o link que você sugeriu , agradeço seu carinho, mas…realmente não faz meu gênero rs…aqueles “cestos” transformados em adornos aiiii não ! rsFico com você e family símbolos de bom gosto, simplicidade e elegância !Beijos

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      Fabulous hun, love the image and those papers are delish! Adore the layout too, hope you have a fab time, wish I could come too, hee hee!Hugs Tab xxx

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      Stilig gutt klar for ferietur:)god kjærestetur til deg og din kjære først.En dag igjen av ferie her, men har kost oss sååååååå <3 i hele tre uker. Gleder meg til ett glass vin når dere er tilbake!

    • I would say something soft on top, like a black chiffon or silk blouse, or a soft loose jersey tee. A good pair of black ballet flats and a statement cuff or necklace.

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      BonjourÉtant accessoirement photographe professionnel (en plus d’autres choses…) je me sens un tout petit peu concerné par disons l’emprunt d’images non sollicité.La loi française est très claire à ce propos et le code de la propriété intellectuelle protège donc les auteurs desdites photographies de A à Z. Quoi qu’il en soit, quand on demande poliment il est rare que je refuse (surtout contre un BL ^_^)À noter l’arrivée d’outils comme qui pourraient bien révolutionner ce genre de méfaits !PS : marrant comme 20minutes m’est aussi venu à l’esprit !

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      Il faut avouer qu'appel est très fort pour sortir des upgrades qui n'en sont pas vraiment. J'attends d'être bluffé comme je le fus à la sortie de la 1ère mouture de l'appareil.

    • Versatile, amazing, worldly, cultured, intense, extremely effective, brilliant, passionate, amazing, intense & inner intensity.Artie, your losing steam and I hate to see you washed up on a blog only after a few weeks on this amazing journey. My advice would be to skip a few days of posting and come up with a brilliant follow up to the drought. Maybe you could add some intensity to it by describing a threesome with two of your adoring fans; one could be “stripper hot” and the other “mom hot”, just for versatility.

    • This rising price mirage is just that. There are so many foreclosures to go through that it will be a slow bleed until that inventory is mostly back to normal. Judicial foreclosure states have had a slow but lengthened downward trajectory with their house prices while non-judicial foreclosure states’ house prices dropped like a rock to under replacement costs in many areas. I see prices in NJ just slowly dipping every year for a while.

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      Já percebi que o Francisco Andrade, o Marrafa, o Avidago, o Coroa, o Arnaut, o Manuel Oliveira, a Ana Cortes Vaz, o Serpa Oliva, o Braga da Cruz, o Mariana Pego, o Veiga Simão, o João Francisco … e outros é só política e TACHOS!!! votem neles e pimba!!! 3ª divisão aí vamos nós!!! Que vergonha!!! só em portugal é que isto acontece!!!!

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    • Thanks! You made my day Not sure what would make the code disappear. Sorry if it was a pain. I see your recent post is PB Chocolate Chip Brownies. Off to check it out. Yum jillconyers recently posted..

    • – This was so much fun and Kim and Tom are seriously the sweetest couple ever. Thanks for capturing their love so well, hon! Can’t wait for their wedding! eeks!!!

    • My husband and I are in our late sixties, but Fess shows were for the whole family, and that is the way we viewed them in our living rooms, with out parents and was truly family time.

    • auto insurance Mount Pleasant MI 11 Settembre 2018 at 22:00 - Reply

      Spännande tema denna vecka som nog ger rekorddeltagande; vem längtar inte till SOL denna mörka tid;-) Rest har jag gjort mycket men inte långt och aldrig satt min fot i en flygmaskin! Vad har jag nu gett mig in på, hehehe.

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      I probably shouldn’t say this because it will bum a lot of people out but Roissy is actually Gary Brecher aka the War Nerd….weird how things come full circle.

    • look auto insurance Summerville SC 11 Settembre 2018 at 22:22 - Reply

      Hero….Its unfortunate. Its either Punch newspaper has been bought over by the opposition politicians or they have decided to be very bias in their reporting.Time will tell. They diligently quoted all Anti-GEJ and left out all who praised himI wish the President well and dont envy him

    • cheap car insurance El Segundo CA 11 Settembre 2018 at 22:49 - Reply

      Vous inquiétez pas, dès demain le voile euphorique de l’oubli nombrilisme s’abattra de nouveau sur moi et je pourrai râler parce que mes ongles se cassent.

    • Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:]1. Tom——My boyfriend!2. 99NFL. com–the Cheapest NFL site!3. the video above—- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

    • I agree that both of those are potential pitfalls, but there is another option. It is possible that both God and the Universe are eternally existent, that neither has an “origin.” This seems to fit the text of Genesis one quite well. That also gives us a potential answer to the problem of evil, in that there is something that God didn’t create that could be the source of evil. Of course, I buy into the source of evil being free will, so nevermind…

    • Karocha: não estou a falar da sua realidade que não conheço inteiramente. Já disse que se acredita na sua verdade deve levá-la ao fim do mundo.Nestes casos, estou a falar na dificuldade em explicar conspirações que podem muito bem não o serem. E por outra razão prática: não se deve procurar explicações complexas para coisas que são simples.

    • Once again you have taken us through a rich emotional journey is such a short space. You have me sorry for your trauma and all the other trauma that ever brought anyone to park there, and left me thankful that while at the hospital with my mother all day yesterday, which was traumatic enough on its own, we were able to leave without parking lot drama.P.S.: Love the P.S.

    • auto owners insurance Gaylord MI 11 Settembre 2018 at 23:44 - Reply

      Joey,These pictures are fabulous!! Peter and I are continually amazed with the beauty and uniqueness of your work! You are for sure “our official photographer”. Thank you so much for providing us with gorgeous pictures of our baby!!Kellie and Peter

    • car insurance in Mount Pleasant SC 11 Settembre 2018 at 23:52 - Reply

      Oscar Wilde was one of the greatest wits and the world know writer of Ireland. Thanks for sharing his picture. Looking forward to hearing more about Oscar Wilde. Please Share his story with us.

    • IF i did BSc in physics,maths,chemistry & now i do MIRPM &now i have to do MBA which specialisation i prefer for my study?what is the scope of that specialisation which u told to me?

    • Are you Coptic then? I thought Egyptian Coptics were Arabs? Not that I know much about them, other that they are Christians. In Israel, at least, you can be an Arab and a Christian at the same time.

    • cheap car insurance Douglas GA 12 Settembre 2018 at 0:10 - Reply

      “they have awards in the paper manufacturing industry(among others), the same debate is raging on their blogs too.”Yes, but it’s about levels of insufferableness. Really, when it comes to self-regarding wankers with highly-inflated – and totally misplaced – egos, advertising types beat paper manufacturing types hands down.

    • wonderful put up, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of this sector don’t understand this. You should proceed your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

    • The closest that they’ve come so far is the contest entries for the (adult) Easter basket required you to visit what at that time was Sketchy Bunnies site to get an egg collectible which was the entry. Sketchy Bunny has now become the Holidays site.

    • cheap auto insurance WY 12 Settembre 2018 at 0:59 - Reply

      I’m very much liking these rugged manly posts. I was experienceing hunger whilst reading the burger post. Sorry to say though, I can make the world’s best patty though. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the recipe because it’s a family secret (my Great Grandpa invented it countless years ago and it’s only passed on to the next wave of males once they reach 18). I’m going to have to try the peppers and bacon fried together though.

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      I’m sort of entranced by the “faction” idea, too bad it has already been adopted and given a different meaning. I often say to kids that the stuff I write is “all true.” I love then they look at the photographs of kids in the Amazon, for instance, and ask, “Is that true too?” Think they would ask something like that if we didn’t live in an age of digitally-altered everything?

    • Wow vad kul! Och i Stockholm om jag fattat rätt? Nästa gÃ¥ng du är uppe sÃ¥ springer jag gärna med dig (eller promenerar om det känns bättre)

    • car insurance rates Brandon FL 12 Settembre 2018 at 1:46 - Reply

      fatto e' che io ho molta,molta stima, per Emilio Del Giudice e il fatto che collabori con Montagner mi fa capire che Montagner non e' uno fuori di testa.

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    • Ha, ich glaube eher, du hast mich falsch verstanden… die Rauschunterdrückung in Aperture ist nicht optimal. Liebäugele da auch mit einem Plugin, weiß nur noch nicht welches…

    • Osallistun arvontaan, tytön takkia tavoittelen :)Upeat takit Reimalta. Aikaisemmin reiman tec-kankaat ovat aika helposti nyppääntyneet pesussa (esim. Ticketin takit ei nyppäänny näin). Jos tähän asiaan on jo tullut parannusta, huippua. Jos ei, sitä voisi miettiä tuotekehityksessä.Reiman hanskat (vk- ja talvi) ovat ihan parhaita, niitä älkää vaan muuttako koskaan miksikään :)Piia

    • RichardEven more interesting is there are hadeeths that specifically refer to Muhammad, PASBUH, as a white man:Bukhari, vol. I., no. 63Bukhari, vol. IV., no. 744Bukhari, vol. II., no. 122No wonder Hitler admired islamonazism!

    • This makes me curious. Have you used hope therapy, or aspects of it, in the treatment you do with people who have a trauma history or have a bio-chemical component to their emotional or mental illness? Do you think hope therapy can stand alone? Isn’t it already a part of all good therapyYou have, once again, given me something to think about. Thank you.

    • There are tons of toads hopping all around this part of the country; maybe I can send you one in the mail… haha, I don’t think that would be the best package to receive in the mail though.

    • I love the button choices! I hope my partner, Saskia, gets a picture of what I sent her, because of course I didn't bother to do that before it left my hot little hands. I have a lot of Gaea's work back when she had grab bags of these sort of things. They are all intriguing. Can't wait to see your Czech pretties!Enjoy the day, Malin!ErinP.S. I am with you on the bead diet. I have too much that I just don't know if I will ever get to!

    • …locking up refugees with AIDS is not a way to deal with the situation in any way shape or form – people who immigrate here may have another issue as we choose who we wish to allow in or not for immigration purposes, but we can’t attach those criteria to people we are trying to be compassionate with as refugees.

    • Thank you,Grace!I started my blog a week ago and I’d be very ,very happy if you dropped by……Actually it’s written in Italian, but no problem for you,I guess!Mi piace come scrivi, la tua acutezza e spirito di osservazione.Mi diverte moltissimo vedere attraverso te,le debolezze dei miei connazionali e le loro caratteristiche……Ho vissuto all’estero per un po’ di anni,e condivido le tue idee!Allora grazie per il mio blog. E grazie per i consigli.Io, sono una “elder”………

    • Adam(26 cze 11:16) Gdyby ostro nie cisnÄ…Å‚ na takÄ… przewagÄ™ to by ukoÅ„czyÅ‚ wyÅ›cig z nie przegrzanym alternatorem jak Webber no ale on przecież nie umie wygrać wyÅ›cigu startujÄ…c z 9tego czy 11ego pola, Pole Position to jedyna dla niego okazja by wygrać wyÅ›cig stÄ…d ta wÅ›ciekÅ‚ość ) Co do Romka to ja wprost uwielbiam tego goÅ›cia i wierzÄ™ że wygra przynajmniej jeden wyÅ›cig w tym sezonie, to jest kwestia czasu )

    • It included his performers singing… That’s about it. Aesthetically it was the same Burton as always… I would say Big Fish was slightly different only because it was rooted (from an environmental standpoint at least), in a true reality of sorts… but even that was a stylized Burton film.

    • Hi Frank here we go again,My lizard I thought was slowing down to hibernate and it is as though it has quit eating all together. Is this something to do with his night time temperature. I cant think of anything else that could go wrong. He is in bad shape and again I feel as though he is about to expire, Should I keep his heat on during the night also?Any help would be nice.Jordan.

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    • cabut duri ini pernah sekilas saya tulis di postingan Memberdayakan Ekonomi Rakyat. Saya bilang: Ikan Bandeng memiliki cita rasa yang enak, tetapi terkadang masyarakat malas

    • India’s commitment to limiting the time periods of copyrights, so as to expand the number of works in the public domain is commendable. However, the disparity of the copyright time period to most of the developed world will cost Indian content owners big time. Indian copyright owners should be able to extract rents from derivative works themselves, as opposed to say, foreign owned film companies. Otherwise it could lead to a transfer of capital from India to other countries.

    • Ååååå… vennen:)SÃ¥ utrolig koselig pyntet alle steder:)For noen herlige tallerkener i tallerken- hylla:) Masse herlig inspirasjon og skjønne bilder:)HÃ¥per du hadde det koselig pÃ¥ Julemarked:)Fortsatt herlig kveldKlem Merete

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    • about my own work. Honestly, Ari… writers are totally delicate flowers. We worry ALL THE TIME about this stuff. LOL.Pingu might make future blog appearances… He isn’t camera-shy. And of COURSE I thank you for sticking around. I really love talking with you. YOU inspire ME.

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    • I love how the gold bonbons are used to decorate the cake above, and how whimsical the Glitter Pops are for a childrens party. You can also see where I used them here and here.

    • I just got the first book today and I have to say, I. Am. Addicted. You. Are. Amazing. Had to order the rest (and Angels of the Deep) straight away, I have to wait THREE WEEKS for it to arrive *sad face*At first I thought, but there’s only 3 books, I want more!!!And now there’s a fourth coming out XD which had me grinning like an idiot and people questioning my sanity. Your fast becoming a favorite author of mine. =D

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    • So, you’d rather give up our number one pick and pay more money for a guy with an obp below .300? I think Upton is a guy who is going to look a lot less good as we watch him for a whole season. Yes, he brings the HR, but less D than Pagan and a ton of outs.

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      – so where are the Presidential candidates? And other candidates at local and state?Why am I the only one noticing that an oligarchy of *prophets* have an army of brainwashed nihilists out and about destroying *THINKING* among people. Do we need a book and an Ivy League political science course to discuss whether THINKING comes along with speech and so ipso facto that means that thinking is protected by the First Amendment?And so who is doing the thinking? Let’s CENSOR Rove the way I am suddenly being censored….And where are the REAL Presidential candidates?

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    • Hi Ann…thanks for putting up the file. I am going to use it as a starting point for my lower-level accounting students. If I add anything I’ll let you know. This is a great timesaver!!! Steve

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      The incense, beads and no-that's-really-not-paraphernalia store near Flat State U sold a button proclaiming "Anarchists – Unite!" I almost got one just to see if anyone else found it as funny as I did.LittleRed1

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    • As long as they don’t behave like a mob. As one who has been kicked by an emu, they don’t need criminal examples. (Actually, mostly they’re pretty docile. You just don’t want to get between them in a fight–especially when there are eggs involved.

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    • is truth. Analogue is reality. It’s time for us to embrace the Analogue Future‘ / all about The New Small House, a Gordon Cullen classic, over at no2self / city planning fail: Markasaurus on the opposite view

    • Even in cities they have some space to live is nice, but unsafe for both of us. I mean the monkeys and humans. We get receive monkeys rarely to wonder where they come from. Lovely shot buddy 🙂

    • really well done! You sold me on them I went onto the website to order one but unfortunately the majority of the patterns I was interested in are out of stock online. Do you know where I might be able to find them? I really, really like the Peacock pattern. Also, does your backpack get dirty because of the white accents? I really like it but I wouldn’t want to wash it periodically. PLEASE answer this, I’d really appreciate it!! thanks

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    • I love it – I do thing you can pick up some great modern things from charity shops, though I, like you mostly avoid primark, though once in a while you'll spot a gem like that jumpsuit. The neck is fabulous, really flattering! The whole look really suits youHope you're feeling better!

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    • Fighting for freedom?Damn! Did those pesky Brits show up for another grab at re-establishing their North American colony again and I missed it?I have GOT to start watching the TV news again.

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    • Hi DaveSome interesting questions – I have commented on your posting on Internet Evangelism Day’s new blog at will be interesting, as you work through your list of the biblical areas of ministry with the students, to find equivalents online for each area in the list, and also analyze whether they are attractional (like an online church service), or incarnational (going out an meeting people socially, and/or within an area of common interest or felt need/problem.BlessingsTony

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    • salad is a classic that I make a lot (recipe is here), but I’ve never made cheezy kale chips before! I loved them. Nutritional yeast sound gross but

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    • The primaries are coming up. I feel like we’ve got to choose the lesser of two evils between two McCain-type “Republicans”.Are Grayson and Paul the only candidates left? They might as well be, as no one else has their sponsorship, right?Can a non-conservative Republican beat Yarmuth?

    • So, once I’d decided on having pork, chosen the recipe (below) I rounded out the meal with the zucchini gratin (my posting on Saturday), a nice green salad, chips and salsa, and I made some strawberry mascarpone ice cream from over at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. It was a very nice meal with a couple of bottles of red wine. We were all very mellow by 10:00 pm.

    • Følger med daglig, jeg ogsÃ¥. Tenker pÃ¥ dere alle sammen, det er jo litt av en tur. Godt Ã¥ se at du har fÃ¥tt deg en bedre sitteplass! Det virker som du koser deg, svømmingen sier vel sitt

    • au gars qui ne sait pas pourquoidans mon cas, je sais pourquoi, j’ai trois adresses mail (comme beaucoup de gens). Deux d’entre elles induisent toujours un post en différé (j’ai dû écrire des trucs qui n’ont pas plu en utilisant ces adresses-là). L’ennui, c’est que j’oublie toujours lesquelles et, comme elles s’inscrivent automatiquement dès que j’ai inscrit la première lettre, j’attends… Les joies du suspense.

    • Estou escrevendo para que o internauta possa decidir com mais base. Mas o sr. já vê maldade no post e vem falar de mundial de clubes, mundialeco de verão.Fazer o que se vc pensa desse jeito.

    • This is absolutely disgusting. The fact that this still occurs in 2012 is a sad reminder that we still have a bunch of work to do as a society. I do, however, still believe that one day events like this will be solely a thing of the past.

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    • Gelukkig maar, want ik heb er helemaal de ballen verstand van. Ik heb alleen maar zo precies mogelijk weergegeven wat Bas heeft uitgelegd. Dat klopt dus.

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    • Dov – you’re right that he’s doing it wrong. I’m surprised that you’re getting into CEO offices with cold calling – can you share more about your “multi-step” process and top 2-3 specific best practices that has worked for you?

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      Probably because they were thinking, “I’m not sure the update system is going to work. Why don’t we just do a ‘nothing’ update and see if it bricks phones or not so we can fix the issues before the real update.”

    • Wow, the Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible sounds fantastic! My honey & I are closing on our very first house this Monday and have been dreaming for years about having that first tomato or squash from my first vegetable garden. Cool contest, thanks for paying it forward!

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    • We’ll have it fixed soon. Somehow the code for the document got “broke”. All the staff is “on the go” at the moment and as soon as one of us gets to a computer we’ll get it fixed. Just check back in a couple of hours at the latest. Sorry for the inconveinence!

    • YES you have to play in college if you wantt to become an NBA basketball player. cause the NBA sends out scouts to colleges that have good basketball programs and they see if your good enough to try out for the NBA draft. and yes you have to play in High School too. its a step. College scouts scout you in your high school games then NBA scouts scout you in College games.

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    • Laila – it’s creamy and red peppery, one of my favorite flavor combinations. By the way, your Creamy Chicken Puffs are making me very hungry.Bon Appetit Hon!Wendi

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    • Moje první dvÄ› zkuÅ¡enosti byly pozitivní. V nedeli 2.9. večer: protože autobus 123 jezdí místo jednou za 30 minut dvakrát častÄ›ji, tak jsem uÅ¡etÅ™il na cestÄ› z letiÅ¡tÄ› (jel jsem pÅ™es Motol a tedy ne pÅ™es AndÄ›l) asi 20 minut.ZmÄ›ny mi kupodivu pomohly i v pondÄ›lí. Jel jsem ráno a odpoledne autem pÅ™es Prahu a zdály se mi menší kolony. Autobusy teď prý najedou dennÄ› o 7000 kilometrů míň. Vyklidily tak na ulicích dost místa.

    • lenny disse:eu quero muito rever as atigas novelas como:dona xepa,bravo,de quina pra lua,estupido cupido,baila comigo,agua viva, e outas mais pois elas sim a trama tem mais verdadee faz com que ficamos presos.

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      Adorable quilts and embroidery work within them, thanks for sharing!I am making some appliqued coasters before Christmas and lets hope I get them all done in time!

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      it seems such an ordinary picture but yet so incredible, those little details are what makes this a great photograph! you should upload more!!! and i really can’t wait to hear those voices together….. thanks for sharing all your work, love from Uruguay!

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      The blank slate fallacy was designed as a weapon in the cultural warfare that took place over the 1924 and the 1965 immigration acts. Maintaining the fallacy has the same, sole purpose – mass immigration and the dispossession and eventual extinction of white Americans.

    • Thanks for the tip at the end of this blog, Andrea. I’m working to find a balance on the FB page for my yoga center and I think your idea of looking at what students would know about me after a week of posts will be really useful.

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      Wow its amazing what you remember when asked to think about it. My mum did lots with us as children but my first memories were making tooth fairy outfits and little gifts to leave under my pillow. I also remember my mum trying and failing to teach me to knit. It wasnt her fault she just produced the most cack handed child ever.

    • Jajaja de megamarcha no tiene nada, ya que con suerte se juntarian unos 100, lo que claramente indica que a mas del 90% de los estudiantes no les importa como ustedes quieren aparentar en sus comentarios de los periodicos.PD. No, no estoy con la dorotea pero tampoco estoy con los pendejines que dicen que quieren estudiar pero claramente no quieren hacerlo en su casa, necesitan la escuela para estudiar JA! Sigan perdiendo el tiempo con sus ridiculeses dandoselas de muy mataditos.

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      Hi, Mauricio. We have many more excellent photos that we all shot of you during our photo session. I’ll be burning them onto a CD and bringing them to you this week as our gift for agreeing tobe our most wonderful and delightful subject! You can use them for whatever purposes you wish. Abrazos. -Norma

    • Z toho mi vyplýva len jediné: keď si raz budeÅ¡ hľadaÅ¥ babu za ženu, zdôver sa jej s Tvojím talentom uspokojovaÅ¥ svoj hlad:) Ideálne by bolo, keby ovládala aspoň základy varenia. To ostatné ovládaÅ¡ Ty celkom obstojne:)

    • I also find it odd that when a person states they are pro-choice, if you ask them what their stance is on the death penalty, they are opposed to it. They weep for the dammed while damming the innocent.

    • I friggin’ LOVE those doors! I am SO going to do that to mine! well it’s a studio so outside of the front door I really only have one door to the bathroom but it’s going to be Onyx Black soon! I’m such a copy cat.

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      Jaa..det lät gott med fiskgratäng,,, vi fick broccolioch skinpaj hos min son igår kväll när vi hämtat det där bordet åt dom. =) *kram*

    • Hussain / What happen to the world?Everybody running for money… OMG…Zindagi mein shortcut mein taraki karne walo ka sapna nirantaar nahi rehte hai..

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      Travis- Congrats to your friends who just got married. It was great to hear from you today. I look forward in hopefully bringing my family to your state in Jan. or Feb. 2010 so we can catch up and you can meet my kids. We posted a lot more pics to our blog so you can see how we have grown. We were trying to get them up before you posted, but maybe we did not. It has Kelden's birthday, Mexico etc. check it out. May the Lord Bless you and your Family. Chris and Shanell Silvester

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      Best for me is easy, worst is tougher because I choose to avoid bad movies or ones I know I won’t like. Even though I’d give [I]Ted[/I] a “C”, it’s still my worst of the year just based on what I’ve seen.Best so far: [I]Moonrise Kingdom[/I] Worst so far: [I]Ted[/I]

    • I had a Brazilian blow dry about a month ago too and would mostly agree with your review, HOWEVER I haven't been using the correct shampoo so for me, it could be down to that fact. my hair is highlighted blonde and is fairly straight anyway but although its quite soft it never hung prperly and got frzzy or dry looking so the blow dry gave me some control over it, I loved the way my hair fell back into place after wearing hats or with minimum styling.I think I will try it again but using the correct shampoo this time.

    • காலம் எவ்வளவு à®®à001000®¾à®±à®¿à®¯à®¿à®°à¯à®•à¯à®•à®¿à®±à®¤à¯.அல்லது நாசமாக போன சினிமா எவ்வளவு மனிதர்களின் மனதை மாற்றியிருக்கிறது.இருபது வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னாள் ஒரு ஆண் தன் காதலை பெண்ணிடம் சொல்வதற்கு எவ்வளவு அஞ்சுவான்?மீறி சொல்லி அவள் மறுத்துவிட்டால் அந்த பெண்ணிடமே,இதை வெளியில் சொல்லி என்னை அசிங்க படுத்திவிடாதே என்று கேட்டு மன்றாடும் நிலை இருந்தது.ஆனால் இன்றோ? அரிதாரம் பூசிய கேடுகெட்ட நாய்களே இந்த கருமத்திற்கு முழு பொறுப்பு.

    • My question and comments are this. Do you yourself follow a routine? Do you have regularly scheduled mealtimes and bedtimes? Having a child can eat into your scheduled routine drastically. It's great to have a planned schedule/routine, but what do you do whey it's interrupted? How do you handle the stress of breaking the routine? Do you have a plan B or just throw your hands in the air and scream screw it?

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    • Index cards, held far away from my dripping hair. I’m not brave enough to try the iPad in the ziploc bag…so if you do, let me know. (I’m getting a hand me down one in a couple of weeks, yay!) I will keep my phone by the bed, but it’s not allowed in the bathroom.

    • I love your diligence Mark and your sharp eye. You need to be on our "team." Nothing was moved, not even a centimeter, and of course we did not :"enter" the tomb through the eight inch holes. Ian is precisely correct. It is all a matter of the angle. If you are right in front of that kokh looking straight in you can see Mara perfectly to the left. The map shows things just as they are today.

    • Es gibt viel dummes Zeug im Internet und wenig so konstruktive Hilfe, die mir als iPad-Anfänger sofort einleuchtend und klar war. Danke.

    • Emouvant.Peut-être gràce à toi puis-je parler du mien, engagé volontaire classe 17 dans les chars, toujours en avant, le “chinetok” blessé se retrouva entre les bras d’une infirmière volontaire…Je comprend maintenant son engagement dans les “croix de feu” et son silence sur Pétain…

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      So, how should we interpret the high average total "European" component ("East European" + "West European") percentage of the Yunusbayev Armenians compared to those of the Dodecad and Behar Armenians? With caution. Since these Armenians were sampled at a different location than the Behar et al. Armenians, they are likely to be different from them due to drift. In the next iteration of the Dodecad analysis, which will include the new Y. populations, their position vis a vis Europeans will be better defined.

    • Happy Fifth Bithday!!Sorry folks, I’m still stuck on community access internet so haven’t been ableto join in all the LP fun and excitement for many months. Hopethis congratulations gets through …. Keep up the good work.

    • change the width of post body and sidebar, go to Design > Edit HTML. In CSS, change the default width property of following id selectors to the shown values…..#inner {width:900px;}#content {width:600px;}.main .Blog {width:570px;}#sidebar-wrapper {width:300px;}#header {width:900px;}and click save. Done.

    • Czy zauwazyliscie ze juz nie ma takiej podiary jak byla kiedys w czasach poczatku alphy – bety 1.4 bylo zupelnie inaczej sie gralo nie sadzicie ?

    • Je vibre en lisant ces dilemmes…arg…En tout cas,je vais sûrement lire ce roman américain,l'histoire me fait envie et les critiques sur Amazon sont très bonnes.ANNESO

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      Pas mal Antoine.1) Oui,2) Oui, collector n’est-ce pas ces deux cinq sets perdus de suite, encore contre les Russes ?3) 11 cinquièmes sets perdus pour 4 gagnés en carrière.

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      Say no to others without offering an apology. Everyone has the right to say yes or no to things that come up in daily life. Many work hard at saying no more often, but feel bad or guilty for

    • incerci sa ne spui ca tu le stii pe toate. iti dau un simplu exemplu: pe mine, am terminat o facultate privata( nu spiru haret) in vara si pot sa iti spun ca eu castig mult mai bine ca multi care au terminat aceeasi facultate la stat. asa ca nu conteaza unde inveti conteaza sa vrei sa inveti. 

    • Oh Mary, they look gorgeous! You did well. For the Chinese, we normally having this during festive season especially Chinese New Year. We believe it brings prosperity to our home.

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      I think so too. Too lazy and apathetic and dependent and obese to choose in which direction they want their country to go. Querulousness is the new anger I guess. More talk about “honey boo boo” and smut like that instead of political discourse.

    • Vos revendications sur le fonctionnement de l’EN sont légitimes, mais toutes choses étant égales, les syndicats sont-ils prêts à accepter une contribution à l’effort national d’une demie journée de travail sans augmentation de salaires?

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      OMG I need to pick up One Grave at a Time! I'm an awful fand and forgot that it came out. It will have to be in this next IMM post. Hope you enjoy them all =)

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    • Thanks. This plugin works great. I’m glad I installed because it seemed like some users got through my authentication but now that I have this, they can’t. ThanksBrett Melton

    • Well when you live in a tiny, isolated community and you only need to stay in contact with 1 person at any given time, it is obviously 100% different logistics lol.

    • I dumped BofA in 2003 when they started charging to talk to a teller, and then gave ‘em another chance in 2010 for business reasons.. Fool me twice? oh well. It’s not just the $5 debit fee, I was notified that my online and ATM-only account would cost $9.50/month if I didn’t cancel paper statements!never again, BofA! Loving my credit union.

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    • Eu morava em Manaus no Brasil, entao nunca na vida precisei usar cachecol lá. hahahahaÉ ótimo mesmo ver o que as outras pessoas postam, as vezes nos lembram de coisas que nós temos e tem algum significado, mas que nem pensamos, pq ficam no fundo de alguma gaveta.

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